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“EZoomBook” (eZB) refers both to a type of enriched eBook, and to the technology that is used to create the actual digital books. The “aPlace4U” project aims at designing eZB prototypes for literary tourism.

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In a nutshell, “eZoomBook” is a neologism coined from the words “eBook” and “Zoom”.

eZoomBooks are multilayered, digital enriched books in epub format.

How it all started

The eZB technology was originally designed by Centrale Nantes researchers with a pedagogical aim. Wishing to promote student reading, they created a medium which made it possible to browse literary texts through multiple levels of content – the so-called “layers”.

This system enabled the teachers to augment the original chapters with their abbreviated versions, which usually include a summary of the story with selected quotations. These quotations are redirected via hyperlinks to their original location in the full text of the corresponding chapter, hence the notion of “zooming” in and out the text, as the reader is invited to dive progressively into the details of the story.

The research project (see manifesto) was motivated by a wish to rethink the notion of “serious reading” within the context of the digital age, taking into account the changes brought by this major societal transition in our reading practises.

More information is available on the eZoomBook research blog, where you can also downlad eZB examples.

aPlace4U eZoomBooks for tourism

The aPlace4U project stems from the hypothesis that eZoomBooks are likely to be of interest for literary tourism, and cultural tourism in general. One objective of the present Ph.D thesis is to design eZoomBook prototypes combining literary and touristic content.

Publishing eZoomBooks

The production of eZB is based on the Open Source model, which means that the material needed for their creation is available for free to anyone.

Customized eZoomBooks can be created by opening the eZB templates in the ebook editor Sigil. Tutorials can be downloaded here.


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